233Joint.com's Terms & Policies Gaurding our community

1. Posts or profile pictures containing 75% nude or pornographic content is prohibited and will be taken down from our community.

2. Disclaimer : 233joint.com is not responsible for any post or any media content by any user.

3. Disclaimer : 233joint.com does not own any copyright(right) of any post or media content by any user.

4. 233joint.com Frowns against any user violence or hate speeches, account with such influence will be penalized.

5. 233joint.com Frowns against user harassment(any harassment), account with such influence will be penalized.

6. User must own right of any media content such as pictures(photos), videos, music etc before posting them or making them available on our platform.

7. 233joint.com Frowns against user fraud, scam and spam activities such accounts will be penalized.

8. 233joint.com Frowns against individual account impersonation, account with such activities will be penalized.

9. Hacking activities such as spamming,ransom and phishing activities is strictly prohibited on 233joint.com, account with such activities will be taken down as soon as possible for the safety of our community.

10. Consent of users must be seeked before using or resharing any content that belongs to them, some examples of content are post text,photos,video, music etc

11. Privacy :With exception of 233joint.com who owns right to user data(information) no user has the right or mandate in the form of using any user data(information) outside of our community and platform any account with such act will be penalized.

12. Thank you for your cooperation and collaboration on our terms and policies, we will update all users on update on terms and policies.

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